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Sannyasa Songs (of Love)

by The Sarcastic Dharma Society

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    The record is free to download by clicking on this link: http://lessthanthreerecords.com/thesarcasticdharmasocietysannyasasongsoflove.zip, but if you would like to give me some money for it and download through bandcamp, that's ok too. Thanks for listening. -mat
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The Light (free) 01:12
tonight i can see all the stars that are dying or dead, or living well fed, i feel the light from the things that they've said. as i walk the blocks to where i know you'll be, and i kick the rocks and look up at the trees, wondering, "will you remember me?"
The Giving Tree (free) 03:31
what happened to me didn't happen very long. less than a moment and something else had begun. and people aren't the same for very long. and when i hear you've got a new favorite song, i fall upon my temporary knees, and i scream "please please please," that, like the giving tree, i need to be useful to be happy. i wanna give away my love. i wanna give away my love. most of what i have i don't deserve, and the parts that i do aren't very good. and if i gave this heart another go, sold this self to someone i hardly know, i fall upon my temporary knees, and i scream "please please please," that, like the giving tree, i need to be useful to be happy. i wanna give away my love. i wanna give away my love. what do i believe? what do i think i need? what do i believe? what do i think i need?
My War (free) 02:16
like at the end of a war, we both walk away, go back to our lives, pretend we're the same. and you said, "go home. no more war in my heart." and left for wherever you are, by the dawn's early light. but that was our home, at the center of that mad mad fight. now i see i am alone, by the dawn's early light. an aimless and endless refrain, by the dawn's early light, by the dawn's early light.
Our Lives (free) 01:39
and i crawl into bed when i'm not even tired, pretend it's five hours from now and you're calling to say that you're on your way. and i will be here when you walk through the door. and i will come running from out from wherever i'm hiding to say, "i know you've had a long day, but these are our lives, and these are our good times, and i love my life--can't believe that it's mine. and hold my hand and feel my body, forget that i'm sorry, just know that i'm warm."
Moving On (free) 01:27
your oh so tired eyes falling asleep on me. the movie on pause while i wait when you have to go pee. will i forget these things and be happy? i should have known something that great would eventually leave. telling you what you said in your sleep. listening to your stuffy nose breathe. the way you burnt yourself on every cup of tea. the moments apart when i knew you were thinking of me. will i forget these things and be happy? i guess i knew something that great would eventually leave.
Molly (free) 03:27
i gave away everything that i owned, all the few possessions and ambitions that i once thought were my own. because i was confronted by the truth about our lives, that we are here to love each other while we have the time. don't wait, hold my hand. i give thanks for whatever i have. and i became a flower because of you. because of you i give my fragrance, i learn to walk, i reach you, i learn to talk, i write my song. and it goes, "oh, how i love you. oh, how i have loved you." when i met you, when i kissed you, when i followed and when i led, through the forest, and the desert, and the softness of our bed, when we argued, when we forgave, called each other the same name, as we grew up, when you gave up, when you left me, still i sang, that, "oh, how i love you. oh, how i have loved you. oh, how i love you. oh, how i have loved you."


some small songs written and recorded in various bedrooms and basements (and basement bedrooms) between 2008 and 2010. it was a terrifically terrifying and wonderful couple of years that i can't believe went by so quickly, or even that they went at all, and that i am here after them. thank yous to some beautiful new people (and to some beautiful familiar persons), sighs to some new scars and recent regrets. good things mostly.

here are some words about Sannyasa, for those interested, taken from the Hindu Narada Parivrajaka Upanishad, as translated in Patrick Olivelle's "The Samnyasa Upanisads: Hindu Scriptures on Asceticism and Renunciation":

"Enduring the pairs of opposites, he is affected neither by cold nor by heat, neither by pleasure nor by pain, neither by sleep nor by honor and dishonor...He gives up slander, egotism, jealousy, pride, deceit, envy, indignation, desire, hate, pleasure, pain, lust, anger, greed, delusion, and the like, and he regards his body as a corpse. He considers nothing within or without as other than himself. He pays obeisance to no one...He neither blames nor gives praise. Let him live without forethought or planning, satisfied with whatever he receives at random. Let him not accept gold and the like. For him there is neither invitation nor dismissal, neither mantras nor non-mantras, neither meditation nor worship, neither the perceptible nor the imperceptible, neither the separate nor the non-separate, neither day nor night. At all times he lives resolutely without a home in deserted houses, at the foot of trees, in temples, on haystacks, in potter's sheds, in sheds for fire sacrifices, in the southeastern quarter, on the sandy banks of rivers, in cellars, in glens, by waterfalls, in open fields, or in a forest...He keeps his conduct concealed; he acts as if he were a fool, a lunatic, or a goblin; and, although he is sane, he behaves like a madman...Waistband, loincloth, staff, garment, and water pot: let him throw all these in water and thereafter wander clad as he was at birth and seeking the self...He has no possessions. He is firmly established in the path of the true Brahman. His mind is pure. At the proper time and merely to sustain his life, he eats food that he receives without asking, using his hand or his mouth as a begging bowl, and remaining the same both when he receives and when he does not. He is selfless. He devotes himself completely to meditating on the pure Brahman. He is grounded in the Supreme Self. He is intent on the uprooting of both pure and impure acts. After renouncing, he gives up the three bodies in the manner of the wasp and the worm, calling to mind the mystic OM with the thought: 'I am Brahman, who is absolute bliss and pure consciousness.' Such a man, who abandons his body through renunciation, has done all there is to do."

a second Sannyasa EP, songs (of Death), should be here to accompany these recordings in the not so distant future.

lots of love,
-mat (August 12th, 2010)


released August 12, 2010

all songs and sounds written/recorded/performed by mat vuksinich
except violin on "The Light" performed by katherine vuksinich


all rights reserved



The Sarcastic Dharma Society Portland, Oregon

Mat Vuksinich has been making music under the name The Sarcastic Dharma Society, both by himself and with the help of others, since 2003. They can be found writing, recording, and regularly performing in the rainy city of Portland, Oregon.

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