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    a New Favorite Song for Every New Day#011

    “By Balloon or Sinking Ship”
    by Jordan O’ Jordan

    one of the sweeter love songs i’ve ever heard—wanting just to be around a person is probably my favorite part of being around a person. when i used to work at this flower farm picking tulips i would listen to this song and this album four or five times a day on a cd player squeezed into my back pocket that would skip whenever i walked too fast or bent over too far, and i thought a whole lot about where my life was at and where i wanted my life to be at and what i was supposed to be doing and what i wanted to be doing and how long the girl who told me what to do had been telling people what to do and what her kids were like and if she was happy and if anything would ever make sense and how many minutes were left until i got to drink folgers out of a styrofoam cup in the break room again. -mat

    “the vehicle we’re driving’s                       l
           not important                                  l
                to arrive in                             a
                      we could get there by 

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