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    you’re the only proper noun i need

    This is how you cover a fucking Why? song….


    ooohhhhh myyy ggooodddddd what the fuck this cover!!! i want to listen to it forever and ever. i can’t even bring myself to reblog this because it means i have to stop pressing play every time the audio file stops. install this in my ears for always.

    reblogging myself on behalf of more tumblr notes/plays than i’ve ever seen on something that i made. thanks everybody for sharing stuff, it’s seriously the weirdest and most amazing feeling ever that i have no idea how to express with words. please keep doing that. also, how is it that WHY? is as amazing as they are? holy hell i love that band. (also also, i was 20 when i recorded this and now i’m 25 and what the fuck life.)

    all of the love,

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